The Waves of Life…

Every time I think I have a plan, life throws me a big wave to ride out. As intuitive and instinctive as I think I am, I somehow sometimes miss the approaching hidden or major waves of life. If I am honest, I really get hit by these waves of life, when I put all my trust in others ability to be ethical, honest and moral by showing the innate quality of simply being human by looking beyond themselves and their needs…


This last wave lead me to face many personal turns and relationship spins. What I have learned from all of them is that people or life can only bring in the madness, if I let it in. For example, today I had a phone call from a person that always seems to pour drama into my life and often finds a way to leave me intentionally or unintentionally drained. Drained meaning, a headache, feeling emotionally spent in seconds and wanting to buy the first pieces of junk food I can get my hands in an effort to find some kind of quick fix comfort.


However, I decided that when I am faced with such waves and negative energy to just put my hand up, wave the white piece flag and walk the far away from the situation or person, because nothing is worth allowing myself to be drained. So, in this phone conversation when the person started. I stopped them and told them the problem for me and that I was not going to let them take me to a negative head or energy space. I got off the phone!


Of course, I failed from the moment that I began to let them engage me in their negative behaviors, conniving guilt trips, blame everyone but themselves for their problems and lies upon lies. Of course, we are all guilty of this, especially those who always feel we need to come to the rescue of others. More specifically, that one person that you have been saving their whole life and inturn enabling to behave in this dysfunctional way in your life without any consequence.


It is funny, because it is so difficult for the drained to see how much they are being milked by the drainer, but as soon as we tell one person -word for word- the details of the event that has now claimed all of our energy, ability to focus to complete our planned tasks and has now riddled us with guilt or uncertainty. What if this time they are telling the truth?What if this time they are really in trouble? Was I just too harsh? Were their accusations about my behavior, words or tone towards them true? No! No! No! Stop it!


In life you have two kinds of people, those that are happy or seeking happiness with intention and those how are unhappy and want to share it with the world as they fail to address the real problems in their lives, fear any change in life, want you to be as sad as them, think you don’t deserve your happiness or are just jealous of your happiness! My recommendation is walk away now, tell them the door is open when they are willing to seek happiness and refocus yourself back on those that add happiness to your life (that includes yourself as your happiness start first with you)!


Weekend blogging is the best! Too bad its Monday 😉

Happy Monday,





Oatmeal Almond Banana Muffin Recipe


Not having the same love for cooking as most women or even men, but being cursed with the ability to make great meals. I decided that if I do cook, infuse, bake or juice, I want it to be as quick and as disorganized as possible. Typically any of my food creations take a maximum of 5-20 minutes preparation, 5-30 minutes to cook and 30-60 minutes to bake (as I am normally not cooking meat as a vegetarian, except if I have non-vegetarian guest over). I know some vegetarians or people might ask: “Why would you make dishes with meat, if you are a vegetarian?” The answer is simple! “I choose to be a vegetarian and it’s not my place to impose my life choice’s on others or make them feel my choice’s need to be their choices. In another blog post, I will share why I became a vegetarian, but let’s get back to the recipe and my uniquely disorganized style of cooking.

I absolutely hate cooking with measuring cups and other measurement tools. I believe people who are really great in the kitchen cook from their emotions, eyes and the touch of the food in their hand(s). However, I understand that most people prefer to cook with exact measurements (and as the goal is not to change anyone), I will add some numbers and measurements to the recipes I share, though I encourage everyone to do more feeling than measuring when you cook.

Almond-Banana Muffins (Glutten, Milk and Artifical-Sugar free): Calories: 50-70 each muffin (depending on the pour per muffin); Preparation time: 10-20 minutes, Serving size: 18-24 Muffins and Cooking time: 30-60 minutes (baking.. always takes more time and it depends on your oven).

Ingredients: 5 cups of oatmeal, 30 raw almonds, 4 ripe bananas, cinnamon powder, honey and 6 egg whites from large eggs ( I rarely cook with egg yolk, as I feel it’s just wasted calories and cholesterol added to my yummy food). For example, 6 egg whites equal about 120 calories total and 24 grams of protein versus 420 calories and 42 grams of protein. I am willing to miss out on the 20 grams of protein to avoid the extra 30 grams of fat, 1200 grams of cholesterol and 300 grams of calories. 

Preparation: pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees, while your mix the ingredients together. With the 4 bananas you should slice them into small round slices like in the photo. For the almonds, chop them with a regular knife into small pieces that are still of about 4 pieces per almond. For the 6 eggs you can decide if you use the egg yolk or not. Then pour all the ingredients together in one bowl and add water to create a smooth batter.  I am not sure how much water, as I judge this based on how the texture looks, so please do the same. You want it to be creamy not watery. Sorry, for that bit of guessing with the water, but its part of the disorganized cooking that I warned you about. The good news is its only water! Finally, you can add as much cinnamon as you like and add some honey for sweetness.

Baking: Now pour some batter into each one of your muffin holders (this batter is enough to make 2 rounds of muffins for a total of about 24 muffins depending on your pour). Do not fill the muffin holder to the top, as the batter will expand as it bakes. Use a knife and stick the muffins every 20 minutes to see if they are baked. You will know it is done, when the knife comes out of the muffin clean and without batter. Let them sit open for a few hours and then store as you want. I personally like to leave them on my table, so everyone can enjoy them at will. The muffins last about a week (if everyone does not eat them all). 

Happy weekend baking! Now, all you have to do is enjoy your healthy living muffins!