Why I became a Vegetarian?

Why Vegetarianism: This is a question people ask me all the time. At first, I could not understand what was the big deal and why people felt so intrigued by my decision. Ok if I am really honest with myself, I still do not understand why people continue to ask me about my transition, but I definitely understand why I choose to become a vegetarian.


It was not an easy task or life transition for me for sure coming from a Jamaican, Dominican and American family. Meat was in every meal. There was meat broth that was used to make the rice. Meat fat that was used as a base to make the gravy.  Meat, bones and animal marrow was used as the main flavor source in every soup. Meat was  everywhere and remains a basic core ingredient in all my family’s dishes. 


There was an evolution process to my decision to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle….

The First: was on vacation in the Dominican Republic in 2007. I met a couple that had lost between 150 to 250 pounds in 2 years after becoming vegetarians. They championed all the health benefits and how their lives had improved, their love had grown stronger and their bodies fitter. The glowed of happiness and content at the mere discussion of being vegetarians and the impact it had on their lives and now on their children’s’ lives. 


The Second:  once I began to travel the world more frequently, the burden of carrying meat around was too much. I had to worry about the temperature being to hot in Africa, the travel time to having a fridge being 20 hours too long in South America, what the animal was allowed to eat in Asia or how it was allowed to live before it arrived on my plate in North America or Europe. It was just too much! 


The Third: with vegetables, they are used to growing in hot climates and do not require the love and attention that meat does. I do not have to worry about what my vegetable ate..lol? Who cut it up? How it was stored? If it will make me sick? Vegetables, fruits and dairy are very transparent. If the milk is bad, you will taste it. If the apple is rotten, you will see it. If the carrot is going bad, you will feel it!


Becoming a vegetarian simplified my life: I love being a vegetarian, but I am also in love with people choosing for themselves what works best for their life and body. I think that our bodies are really complex and applying blanket ways of life or health approaches is a recipe for disaster, depression and anxiety. So, I can only say how becoming a vegetarian and remaining one has benefited my life. Today, I am 40 pounds lighter (from my maximum weight), definitely fitter and happily one with my body! 


Weekend blogging is the best! 

Happy Sunday,


A little about me…

I never know what to write when the topic is me, but I think that is the same problem most people have. We are always comfortable discussing skills, experiences, and others. Having spent most of my life trying to make sure my hours, days and years are packed with great moments to ensure that I never take any day for granted, I am first just a happy person.

At age 27, I set off to see the world and spend every moment of my life when I was not as school or work seeing the world. Everyone has a hobby, I choose traveling. I know most people have other hobbies like wine tasting, marathons, reading books or tasting great food. My hobby is traveling, it is where I invest most ofter my money and time. I have traveled the world a few times around to visit over 100 countries (some 2 or 3 times each), 500+ cities, hitchhiked, Couchsurfed, camped, did jungle and African safaris, desert tours, bungee jumping, took surfing lessons and tasted all the awesome food the world has to offer many with names I can not pronounce. Having a lifetime of experiences to filled my mind with happy memories, when I am old and can no longer go those distances. I am a lover of culture, music, art, theater, diversity, people, food and differences!


However, at the same time, I pursued my professional and educational goals, as I believe in life you need a balance between your personal passions or hobbies and your professional career and ambitions. I have a few degrees, which I am grateful for as they have given me different perspectives on life that added value to my professional ambitions. Most recently, my Masters in International Human Resources Management and Organizational Development and my MBA in International Business Development and Entrepreneurship), which I received after studying in France. My older sister often teases that she has no idea how I find the time to work, make good grades and travel the world. I think that’s why I really decided to create this blog, because I was so tired of people reflecting their insecurities and inabilities to dream big or achieve their own life’s goals on me that I wanted to share my life with others who dream big, as proof that you can have everything you want in life, if you work hard, focus and never take anything for granted.


Then, there is my love of fitness. I grew with parents that never had to do much to stay fit, this was not the case for me and I had to re-educate myself to create new relationships with food, habits of fitness and embodiments of health and intentional living. Today, I am a vegetarian (for more than just health reasons). I workout every day about 3 to 4 times a day. I start my morning with a mini workout, yoga, meditation and a reflective walk, my afternoons with yoga and a visit to the gym and my nights with a quick pm workout, yoga and mediation session. I know for many it might seem a lot, but my workouts take me about 30 minutes each and so in a 24 hour day, I think 2 hours of sports is more than reasonable. If I include the gym, then that’s 3 hours of sport per day. Then there is the giver in me! I have spent most of my life giving to people and I am a believer in Random acts of Kindness. When you allow your humanity to lead you without rewards, limitations, and judgments. I have given thousands in money, time and resources to help those in need.


Finally, the minimalist in me! I was not always this way. In fact, I was a consumer most of my life and one day in October 2016, I got the book the Miracle Morning as a present. I read it and then decided to seek out more people living with intention and discovered minimalism and The Minimalist. I listened to their podcast daily until I had heard them all. I joined the Miracle morning online community to see how others living with intentionalism also were living with unlimited happiness. I stopped and looked at the one thing in my life that was not adding value and it was my consumerist side. In a second, I changed my life, as my mother would say, ” Harlem, your ability to adapt and change when you want is a unique gift that most people would never dear to try.” Wanting to make sure I took full advantage of my life, I became a minimalist and decluttered my life and soul.s

So, that’s me in a few lines. A happy person sharing her reflections on minimalist living, intentional living, and healthy living with a few recipes, some essentials, and cool podcast.

Oatmeal Almond Banana Muffin Recipe


Not having the same love for cooking as most women or even men, but being cursed with the ability to make great meals. I decided that if I do cook, infuse, bake or juice, I want it to be as quick and as disorganized as possible. Typically any of my food creations take a maximum of 5-20 minutes preparation, 5-30 minutes to cook and 30-60 minutes to bake (as I am normally not cooking meat as a vegetarian, except if I have non-vegetarian guest over). I know some vegetarians or people might ask: “Why would you make dishes with meat, if you are a vegetarian?” The answer is simple! “I choose to be a vegetarian and it’s not my place to impose my life choice’s on others or make them feel my choice’s need to be their choices. In another blog post, I will share why I became a vegetarian, but let’s get back to the recipe and my uniquely disorganized style of cooking.

I absolutely hate cooking with measuring cups and other measurement tools. I believe people who are really great in the kitchen cook from their emotions, eyes and the touch of the food in their hand(s). However, I understand that most people prefer to cook with exact measurements (and as the goal is not to change anyone), I will add some numbers and measurements to the recipes I share, though I encourage everyone to do more feeling than measuring when you cook.

Almond-Banana Muffins (Glutten, Milk and Artifical-Sugar free): Calories: 50-70 each muffin (depending on the pour per muffin); Preparation time: 10-20 minutes, Serving size: 18-24 Muffins and Cooking time: 30-60 minutes (baking.. always takes more time and it depends on your oven).

Ingredients: 5 cups of oatmeal, 30 raw almonds, 4 ripe bananas, cinnamon powder, honey and 6 egg whites from large eggs ( I rarely cook with egg yolk, as I feel it’s just wasted calories and cholesterol added to my yummy food). For example, 6 egg whites equal about 120 calories total and 24 grams of protein versus 420 calories and 42 grams of protein. I am willing to miss out on the 20 grams of protein to avoid the extra 30 grams of fat, 1200 grams of cholesterol and 300 grams of calories. 

Preparation: pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees, while your mix the ingredients together. With the 4 bananas you should slice them into small round slices like in the photo. For the almonds, chop them with a regular knife into small pieces that are still of about 4 pieces per almond. For the 6 eggs you can decide if you use the egg yolk or not. Then pour all the ingredients together in one bowl and add water to create a smooth batter.  I am not sure how much water, as I judge this based on how the texture looks, so please do the same. You want it to be creamy not watery. Sorry, for that bit of guessing with the water, but its part of the disorganized cooking that I warned you about. The good news is its only water! Finally, you can add as much cinnamon as you like and add some honey for sweetness.

Baking: Now pour some batter into each one of your muffin holders (this batter is enough to make 2 rounds of muffins for a total of about 24 muffins depending on your pour). Do not fill the muffin holder to the top, as the batter will expand as it bakes. Use a knife and stick the muffins every 20 minutes to see if they are baked. You will know it is done, when the knife comes out of the muffin clean and without batter. Let them sit open for a few hours and then store as you want. I personally like to leave them on my table, so everyone can enjoy them at will. The muffins last about a week (if everyone does not eat them all). 

Happy weekend baking! Now, all you have to do is enjoy your healthy living muffins! 

Podcast 010 | Minimalism

This episode is a little different. I share a series of stories from age 5 to age 34 about how I became a consumerist of all things money could buy and how it was not until I had burdened myself, mom, friends and family with all my stuff that finally began to shift from consumerist to minimalist in 2016. It has not been an easy journey, but I am glad that I made the change.

Humanist Minimalist-12

At the end, of the podcast, I give a few other quick tips. Happy Listening and have an awesome Sunday! Listen, share and leave me comments, ratings and awesome feedback, but most importantly, I hope you enjoy the moment! If this podcast adds value to your life or was a little interesting, please like it, subscribe to get the next podcast, join our facebook community at http://www.facebook.com/RealHumanArchitects/ or check out the blog at http://www.RealHumanArchitects.com . If you think it can add value to someone else you know, share it with your friends, family and network on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or by any means that works best for you. Thanks again for listening and feel free to email me or leave me a voicemail with comments or questions at humanarchitects@outlook.com or +1-415-993-0559. Until next time, remember “Your development is yours and no one elses.”


Blueberry Smoothie Recipe


1 Carrot, 1 Celery Stalk, 1 Handful of Blueberries, 1 Small Red Pepper, 3 Handfuls of Spinach and Now Blend. I use a basic blender, so I don’t miss out on any fiber. This serves about 3 people and is under 100 calories per serving with 1000s of health benefits. 


Podcast 009 |Frienemies

Frienemies, who needs them? No one! Sadly, we all totally have them. In this episode, I explain the difference between a friend, enemy and frienemies (people who pretend to be your friend, but ar dangerous to your life, health, happiness and development). I give you 10 characteristics to help you spot the frienemies in your life, 30 day challenge to clear them from your life and explain why this is critical for anyone who wants to be happier, healther, safer and intentional in their life. I also share a few stories in my life of my frienemies and how I manage to spot them sometimes before, or sadly, after the already caused significant damage to my life.


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My 31 Day Inspiration Mornings Photo Blog: Day 31/31!

Day 31 of 31

Voila! March is done and I am taking the chance to get back to juicing in the mornings. If you want to try.. here is my first juice recipe. I will share more of my health cooking tips as time goes by. Here is the recipe for my first juice: small carrot, celery stalk, handful of blueberries, small red pepper, handful of spinach and now blend. I like to use a basic blender, so I don’t miss out on any of the fiber… so get a basic blender for like 10 dollars or euros and get to juicing! This is of course followed by some awesome pressed coffee.