A Little about me…

I never know what to write when the topic is me, but I think that is the same problem most people have. We are always comfortable discussing skills, experiences, and others. Having spent most of my life trying to make sure my hours, days and years are packed with great moments to ensure that I never take any day for granted, I am first just a happy person. 

At age 27, I set off to see the world and spend every moment of my life when I was not as school or work seeing the world. Everyone has a hobby, I choose traveling. I know most people have other hobbies like wine tasting, marathons, reading books or tasting great food. My hobby is traveling, it is where I invest most ofter my money and time. I have traveled the world a few times around to visit over 100 countries (some 2 or 3 times each), 500+ cities, hitchhiked, Couchsurfed, camped, did jungle and African safaris, desert tours, bungee jumping, took surfing lessons and tasted all the awesome food the world has to offer many with names I can not pronounce. Having a lifetime of experiences to filled my mind with happy memories, when I am old and can no longer go those distances. I am a lover of culture, music, art, theater, diversity, people, food and differences!


However, at the same time, I  pursued my professional and educational goals, as I believe in life you need a balance between your personal passions or hobbies and your professional career and ambitions. I have a few degrees, which I am grateful for as they have given me different perspectives on life that added value to my professional ambitions. Most recently, my Masters in International Human Resources Management and Organizational Development and my MBA in International Business Development and Entrepreneurship), which I received after studying in France. My older sister often teases that she has no idea how I find the time to work, make good grades and travel the world. I think that’s why I really decided to create this blog, because I was so tired of people reflecting their insecurities and inabilities to dream big or achieve their own life’s goals on me that I wanted to share my life with others who dream big, as proof that you can have everything you want in life, if you work hard, focus and never take anything for granted.


Then, there is my love of fitness. I grew with parents that never had to do much to stay fit, this was not the case for me and I had to re-educate myself to create new relationships with food, habits of fitness and embodiments of health and intentional living. Today, I am a vegetarian (for more than just health reasons). I workout every day about 3 to 4 times a day. I start my morning with a mini workout, yoga, meditation and a reflective walk, my afternoons with yoga and a visit to the gym and my nights with a quick pm workout, yoga and mediation session. I know for many it might seem a lot, but my workouts take me about 30 minutes each and so in a 24 hour day, I think 2 hours of sports is more than reasonable. If I include the gym, then that’s 3 hours of sport per day. Then there is the giver in me! I have spent most of my life giving to people and I am a believer in Random acts of Kindness. When you allow your humanity to lead you without rewards, limitations, and judgments. I have given thousands in money, time and resources to help those in need. 


Finally, the minimalist in me! I was not always this way. In fact, I was a consumer most of my life and one day in October 2016 I got the book the Miracle morning for a present. I read it and then decided to seek out more people living with intention and discovered minimalism and The Minimalist. I listened to their podcast daily until I had heard them all. I joined the Miracle morning online community to see how others living with intentionalism also were living with unlimited happiness. I stopped and looked at the one thing in my life that was not adding value and it was my consumerist side. In a second, I changed my life, as my mother would say, ” Harlem, your ability to adapt and change when you want is a unique gift that most people would never dear to try.” Wanting to make sure I took full advantage of my life, I became a minimalist and decluttered my life and soul. 

So, that’s me in a few lines. A happy person sharing her reflections on minimalist living, intentional living, and healthy living with a few recipes, some essentials, and cool podcast.