Thanks for dropping by my blog. I welcome the chance to meet others and to collaborate (ex. on projects, blogs, articles, podcasts, product,  advertisements or services reviews or speaking at events). If you would like to collaborate with me, here are a few ways we could do it:

1. Product Reviews: If you sell a product that you would like me to review, blog post  and have a permanent advertise on my blog that might add value to my readers lives then great. I would be happy to try out your product and if I love it then I definitely add it to the blog. 

2. Guest Blogging: From one blogger to another, it would be my pleasure to write a blog or two for you. I have done it a few times and I enjoyed the experience. 

3. Event Speaking: If you think my life lessons can help or should be shared. I would be happy to be a speaker at your community, social or educational event. 

4. Blog Advertisements: I am very open to this idea, but I will be selective about this. I think advertising products and services that I love only helps more people discover them and love them too. So, all possibilities are open, but spam is so not cool! 

5. Podcasts: If you have a podcast and would like me to be a guest, it would be my pleasure. Give me the date and time, I will be there for sure! 

6. Articles: If you have a publication or news journal and find my story interesting, I would be excited to contribute and honored that you asked. 

Those are all the ways I can think of, but with 2 creative heads we can always come up with more, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me at and let’s see how we can collaborate together.