Why I became a Vegetarian?

Why Vegetarianism: This is a question people ask me all the time. At first, I could not understand what was the big deal and why people felt so intrigued by my decision. Ok if I am really honest with myself, I still do not understand why people continue to ask me about my transition, but I definitely understand why I choose to become a vegetarian.


It was not an easy task or life transition for me for sure coming from a Jamaican, Dominican and American family. Meat was in every meal. There was meat broth that was used to make the rice. Meat fat that was used as a base to make the gravy.  Meat, bones and animal marrow was used as the main flavor source in every soup. Meat was  everywhere and remains a basic core ingredient in all my family’s dishes. 


There was an evolution process to my decision to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle….

The First: was on vacation in the Dominican Republic in 2007. I met a couple that had lost between 150 to 250 pounds in 2 years after becoming vegetarians. They championed all the health benefits and how their lives had improved, their love had grown stronger and their bodies fitter. The glowed of happiness and content at the mere discussion of being vegetarians and the impact it had on their lives and now on their children’s’ lives. 


The Second:  once I began to travel the world more frequently, the burden of carrying meat around was too much. I had to worry about the temperature being to hot in Africa, the travel time to having a fridge being 20 hours too long in South America, what the animal was allowed to eat in Asia or how it was allowed to live before it arrived on my plate in North America or Europe. It was just too much! 


The Third: with vegetables, they are used to growing in hot climates and do not require the love and attention that meat does. I do not have to worry about what my vegetable ate..lol? Who cut it up? How it was stored? If it will make me sick? Vegetables, fruits and dairy are very transparent. If the milk is bad, you will taste it. If the apple is rotten, you will see it. If the carrot is going bad, you will feel it!


Becoming a vegetarian simplified my life: I love being a vegetarian, but I am also in love with people choosing for themselves what works best for their life and body. I think that our bodies are really complex and applying blanket ways of life or health approaches is a recipe for disaster, depression and anxiety. So, I can only say how becoming a vegetarian and remaining one has benefited my life. Today, I am 40 pounds lighter (from my maximum weight), definitely fitter and happily one with my body! 


Weekend blogging is the best! 

Happy Sunday,



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