Mornings Photo Blog 29/31

Day 29 of 31

So my second podcast is about something that is equally important to anyone trying to live with intention. The podcast is called Human Spaces. I put out a Human Spaces podcast comes out every Saturday… so its like my creative Saturday…so if you are into or want to get into living intentionally check it out. I focus on minimalist living, creative living and happy living, but in terms of the spaces you live in and what you choose to put in them and be surrounded by, so that mean tons of decorating, designing and creative tools, tips and ideas with reasons and philosophies to support my suggestion on how to change your life and your space intentionally. 

It can also help you, if own a start-up, small business or have a micro-business, small office, home office or cowork to get the most out of your small spaces. Somethings I talked about so far are the impacts of colors or how you can use color to create a specific emotion or energy in each room in your home, how to get cool art for free, why plants could be cool in your space and how you can have a library like experience without all the clutter of books. This is of course followed promptly by some pressed coffee!


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