Mornings Photo Blog 28/31

Day 28 of 31

So 2 or 3 months ago, I felt that had a lot to share about what I learned about life and what I still needed to learn about life, love, relationships and myself, so I started a podcast. It has been slowly growing and I feel really proud about this, as I did not have the courage for a long time and just watched by the side lines, much like with blogging. It is not prefect, but with each episode and blog I get a little better (I Awesome enough on the same day I hit or landed in my 100th country, I got my 1000th podcast download… so it really made my day! So now my mornings on the weekends are packed with podcasting or podcaster stuff and it gives me something to look forward to and be excited about each Saturday and Sunday, as its totally different than blogging…

I have 2 podcasts one on intentional living thought happy living, minimalist living and health living, its called Human Architects (as I believe people are responsible for their own self growth and mastery to learn from all the lessons that life teaches you). The other I will explain tomorrow. I put out a Human Architects podcast each Sunday… so its like my Sunday fun day. This is of course followed promptly by some pressed coffee!



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