Mornings Photo Blog 27/31

Day 27 of 31

The month is almost over and I started to reflect on my goals for this month, which lead me to remember my favorite place when I am home in New York City, “Starbucks.” I used to start my morning with a 20 minute bike ride to my local Starbucks, followed by my goal card rewards and unlimited coffee for 2,00 Dollars. It was not just the coffee, but the whole experience. I had friends there waiting to greet me in the morning. I knew the employees and they knew I was coming, so of course my basic black coffee was warm and in a cup with my name on it ready to greet me.  I know some people are anti-Starbucks, but I am a lover of the experience they give to everyone who enters…. so it was nice to remember all of this this morning… as I start my day listening to the sounds of other early risers moving about the city. This is of course followed promptly by some pressed coffee! As a side note this photo was taken on my first road trip in France…. at a quick stop that had Starbucks and I was so excited to have it as in my little down Starbucks did not exist. 


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