Mornings Photo Blog 25/31

Day 25 of 31

As I wake up this morning having had a peaceful night sleep, with in seconds I am hit by the stress, obligations and worries of life. Today, having created the habit listening to my favorite podcast or reading my emails from my favorite bloggers latest posts,  I am able to turn off all that noise in my head and steal an hour of joyful bliss.This is of course followed promptly by some pressed coffee!

You know the bliss or happiness you get from reading something that interest you, thats in line with your values or that will help you get to the life you dream of. This morning for example I stated with: A little Tea with Ruby for my interest in creativity and interior designing. Then I moved over to The Minimalist, because I love their podcast. They are so kind and when I started podcasting Ryan liked a few of my podcasts, so that only confirmed how human they really are! Finally, I end my morning with Jenny Mustard, because I love how confident and happy she is being her and how she shares her passions without filters. Now I am on the hunt for new blogs, podcasts and Youtube channels to add to my mornings, so if you have any that you love please write  a note in the comments.. 

Finally, I wanted to stay to say thanks to Jmordars the first person who liked my blog when I started 3 months ago,  ASmallWardrobe who likes basically likes all my post (your likes make my morning everyday), Traveler Dave who likes all my travel post (Dave I am not sure have your been to more places than me? Where are you now?) and Brain a fellow MBA who has like all my photos during this month with my 31 days of photo blogging… besides that I thank everyone that follows the blog, liked it or shared it with their friends. Its my first time being a blogger and podcaster. I have not background as a writer, so I am learning as I go… have a great weekend! 



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