Mornings Photo Blog 23/31

Day 23 of 31

I am sure I am not the only that has turned to a life of health eating, but one of the biggest challenges is always finding texture in your food. As you take out more junk and add more fruits, veggies and other sources of healthy foods, the texture that we have grown to love that exist in most unhealthy food begins to disappear. The way that I solve this is by starting my day with a variety of nuts, but thats not the exciting part. The part that I love is starting my day knowing that my kitchen is clean, organized and packed with all the stuff I love. I use transparent containers for everything. I can easily see where things are, when they are almost finished and know that home is packed with morning essentials. Being organized at the start and end of your day, has unmeasurable benefits beyond lowing your stress, increasing your motivation and making your home feel like your home! This is of course followed promptly by some pressed coffee!



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