Podcast 008 | Style

Style is something soooo personal that we should never take it for granted. We need to understand ourselves first to really understand our style, without that we end up feeling constantly uncomfortable and discontentment in our own skin in your clothes, lives, environment and relationships. I know some might feel this is the least important part of their changing their lives to be the happiest they can be, but remember that feeling of discontentment that you are plagued by daily when you by yourclothes, lives, environment and relationships. In this, podcast I share some of my horror stories with learning my own style from clothes, clothes, hair and lifestyle. Ending with a strategy on how you can discover your own style, a quick 30-day challenge and some cool tips, ideas or apps of the week that added value to my life. Happy Listening and Sunday! Listen, share and leave me comments, ratings and awesome feedback, but most importantly, I hope you enjoy the moment!


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