Country 100

I finally achieved my goal of visiting 100 countries. It seems yesterday when I was 25 deciding that I was fed-up with the lies I had learned in school and decided to take control of my “re-education,” with a little bit of courage I set off on my first trip to Europe alone at 27 after deciding much prep work: going to a club alone, a bar, a movie theater, a play and then one day to London and Rome.. now 7 years later I have done it.. visited my 100 country, traveled 6 continents, visited some places 2 or 3 times, lived in Europe and still had time to get a few degrees (5 to be exact)… I feel really proud! Thanks to all my friends and family that have messaged me along all my journies, opened their homes to me, liked all my vacation posts, shared their friends so I could have a friendly face to meet me at each country and given me more travel tips than lonely planet could dream about! 


The life of a traveler is amazing. I met Ana from the Ukraine 4 days ago in Andorra where we said goodbye as we would probably never meet again. Today, As arrive back home in my tiny city of Grenoble, France. Look who is the first person I see.. Ana from the Ukraine in my tiny city when we meet 4 days ago randomly in Andorra… amazing.. making connections Jamaica-America-Ukraine connections Andorra-Monaco-France 😉 100 countries and still the blessings of traveling surprises me!

Lol.. .. the struggles of a traveler… traveling not my best photo lol!


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