Mornings Photo Blog 22/31

Day 22 of 31

Raw at that. They spice up my morning, are low in calories, perfect for juicing and kick starts my metabolism.. About the colors:

: the best of all. This is when a pepper is fully evolved and will the greatest health benefits to your life. For example, its the tastiest, healthiest and defintely most eye catching to stimulate motivation, passion and energy, as the color red does so well. It burns fats, calories and jump starts your metabolism. 

YELLOW: Is the middle result of a pepper’s evolution going from green to a deep red. So, you get half the benefits for most of the time double the price. 

GREEN: Don’t even bother unless its a chilli pepper, which helps boost immune, metabolism and taste of your meal.

So Let’s Gooo RED! This is of course followed promptly by some pressed coffee!



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