Society has told us that Criticism is negative and feedback is positive, but that’s not true. From criticism it is possible to extract some unknown truths, strengthens and weaknesses. It is also possible to discover who are your friends and your enemies (those jealous of you or passing their own personal fears on to you as a way to stop you from maxing your potential). How can we to use this Criticism to our benefit?


1.Look at who its coming from: Is this person confident and happy in their own lives, then why would they waste their time to tell you something that they thing adds value to your life. You should take the time to first thank this person, as they get nothing from taking the time to share with you ideas to help you improve your life, relationships or experiences. They have in fact, took a big risk by sharing with you in the first place, as most people only want to hear the good stuff about themselves and become angry about the less positive parts of their personality or actions. However, if this person is bitter, filled with regret and has never tried anything that required even the smallest amount of risk -living in fear of the unknown-. You can be sure that their words come from a place of jealousy, poor intention and aim to project their own fears on you to you, so do yourself a favor and ignore it! Politely of course.


2. Perceptions are cash in the bank: Whenever someone who knows nothing about you shares with you (normally in passing conversation and indirectly) what their perception of your energy, life, performance and skills. You can be sure this is invaluable information, as this is probably how everyone else sees you, but doesn’t have the courage or care to tell you. For sure, some of it will be awesome, but some of it will also be in areas you need to improve or change to improve your environments perception of you.

3. “Your development is your and no one elses:” Meaning, you have to decide what parts of your personality are you, that you love and that you do not want to change under any situation. Once you decided, you have to be willing to take accountability for those parts of your personality and character, ready to defend and stay true to them when people ask you to change them. For all the other stuff, make a plan and begin to change your life today! No more excuses or waiting for the right moment. There is no right moment, so just make a plan and do it. Remember, “Your development is your responsibility and no one elses.”


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