We are all humans and can not predict our reaction to roads never traveled, emotions never experience and situations never faced. No matter how many relationships we have been in or how long our relationships have lasted, there is always something new to learn and uniques to our partner that you have not yet discovered. Though, we all hope we can reach a point where we know our partners (as well as we hope we know ourselves). This is usually unattainable and must be considered, as life will always through us a new dynamic or challenge that must be faced with consideration, communication and compromise between us and our partner(s).


Partner Communication should be inclusive of not only the fun stuff, but all the things that we do not want to hear or are hesitant to address. This comes with the willingness and openness to understand where the other person is coming from and what they are really trying to communicate to you though their words. Words that we can now clearly connect to an action or reaction from the past that you believed was random or not critical.

Finally, comes the art of compromise. This is the biggest part. We need to be open and honest with ourselves, as the things we say we are willing to compromise on must be really that. It is not fair to ourselves or our partner(s) to compromise with penalty, regret or hopes of them changing their mind later on. Once that compromise is made, it should be a fresh start to our relationship(s), as anything less with lead us back to the point of contention that led to our relationship waves in the first place. 


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